Katharine and Luke

Katharine and Luke's wedding was fantastic to be a part of. This is the second wedding that I have done for this family within the year, and both times both brides were a delight to deal with! The photos were done by Katharine's brother which is a new comer to the wedding scene in Cairns and they are great photos!
I loved that I was allowed to use my creativity and Katharine trusted my expertise. the results were exactly what both I and she wanted!

Nicole and Luke

Nicole and Luke were married in May of this year. Nicole went for the absolute classic look of red roses and clammed it up a bit with some crystals in her bouquet!
As her something old Nicole had one of her Great Grandma's Broaches pinned to the binding on the ribbon! Beautiful finish to a lovely wedding!

Tropical Delights!

Ben and Judy have been together for 30 years when he finally popped the question! Judy'd response was "if i had to wait his long i am going to get the wedding i have always wanted". It was super tropical and looked fantastic! it was alot of fun to out their flower together.
My advice is to take up Judy's advice! do what you like! this is your wedding!

Not all Bridesmaids are the same!

This was a wedding that I did on Valentines day this year! Jodi had a really strong vision for what she wanted and I must say it came together beautifully! Her bridesmaids each had a different colour dress and she had all the colours of their dresses in her bouquets whilst her maids had white gerberas. The effect was lovely! Louise Meyers also did an amazing job on the photos!

Gorgeous Colour

This was a wedding that I did a little while ago in Sydney! As you can see the Bride is beautiful and and Bridesmaid very happy for her sister. One of the things that i enjoyed about this wedding was that Abby (Bride) combined some other seasonal flowers in her sisters bouquet, so it wasn't just roses! the effect was gorgeous!