Choosing a Florist

It will be really rare for you to walk into a florist shop and have them tell you that they don't do Wedding Flowers! However keep these things in mind when you look for a florist.
Do you already like their shop and their website? If not you won't like their flowers.

Look at the pictures that they advertise with, and if they aren't great it's not a good sign. Remember that these should be their best, andif they aren't then the flowers they offer you will usually be the same!

Are they willing to talk to you straight away?I work in a wedding decoration store and am usually booked with brides all weekend.However we make it a point to have a chat to all Brides that come in the door! They should be friendly and happy to see you.Remember that you are paying them for their service.

Be wary if they tell you 'no you can't do that'. Remember that this is your wedding and you should choose what you would like, butunderstand that they are the expert. What I mean by this point is last September I did some flowers for a lovely Bride! She was a dream to work with, and when she first came to see me she was stressed to the stage that her skin was giving her severe breakouts! After chatting to her for awhile I found out that she had been to two florists before me who had told her that what she wanted wouldn't look any good! (her pictures are attached with this blog) Her idea was simple and they would look great, but the florist had other ideas! Remember that this is your wedding, - someone you are paying should work with you and see the vision for your dream day, not re-create theirs!

Remember that if the florist tells you they can't get the flowers at that time of year, 9/10 times they are telling the truth.

Make sure the quote is good and in your budget!

Please ask me any questions if you want to know more about this!

Wedding Photographers- Word of Warning!

A good wedding photographer is really important, and I am really fussy about it with flowers. You spend a lot on your wedding day and having someone capture the moments with photos is great. I can't say how disappointed I have been when I see some brides photos and they do not do them justice! I know that as a florist I shouldn't really have an opinion on this, but if you choose a cheap inexperienced photographer, they can change the complete look of your wedding by using flash inexpertly! Flash  can change the colours of flowers by washing them out and the end result is not the way you want to your memories to be! The photographer I used for my wedding was great! He spent a lot of time getting candid moments and of course my flowers looked great! I was very fussy  and therefore happy with the result!

Orange is making a comeback!

We have hit wedding season in Cairns! last weekend kicked off with a massive 9 sets of wedding flowers! somehow we made to get through it without any dramas!
At the moment people are really loving the cottage look with flowers, bunches and clusters of soft flowers and shades of the same tones! they are just lovely and give a real soft look!
Funnily enough wedding flowers like all things go through colour phases! and this year i have so many more weddings booked for Orange flowers than i have seen in a long time, Orange is for blue, black or even green bridesmaids, it makes a bold colour and looks great in photos! The photos here are of Corina's wedding and were taken by Azure photography!
I can't wait to get some pics of one of the weddings that i did this weekend just gone! Donayle's wedding flowers were so lovely!

Hi All

I have been doing wedding flowers for about 13 years now. I am amazed at how many florists and people try to pull the wool over brides eyes about what they can have what is fashionable and what looks good!
So i have started this blog! you can see pics of my flowers and how i do them. You can ask any question and keep up today with trends and fashions!