Love what you do My fav Vendors

I think that I stupidly love what I do, and what I mean by that is that I would and do spend way too much of my day pouring over bouquets, flowers, drawing pictures of designs and inventing new concepts in floral design. Ask any of my brides I love what I do, I get excited over everyone that comes and talks to me, and I am seriously excited, I LOVE FLOWERS.
I guess what I am saying is that when you are looking for a vendor or supplier as we call them in FNQ for your wedding or event, make sure they love what they do. We here it all the time on cooking shows to 'make it with love' It needs to be the same when it comes to your suppliers. This will mean that you having a great day will mean as much to them as it means to you!
Here are some vendors that I recommend in FNQ, and their work! there are many more though, definately worth a place to get married!
After having the experience of working around Australia and in the States I firmly believe we have some of the Best in the World

How much is too much?

All my brides are just as important as another! doesn't matter how much you spend! but I must say our tactics  in Australia about budgeting for a wedding have alot to be desired. In the UK and US the average bride budgets 10-15% of their wedding budget on flowers, in Australia we are usually down as low as 2%.
I understand that every wedding is different with different themes, whoever slashing your flower budget is not the way to start. You hold your flowers in front of you, they are one of the first things that you will see when you get your photos back, and you will always remember them if you hate them.
Creating a really memorable look, for yourself and guests comes with a cost. I was so surprised by someone planning a wedding recently who is paying $5,000 on a 15 minute firework programme but only wants to spend $300 on her flowers (including 5 maids) and table centres, remember what will make the longest impression.
In saying this, be careful not to be ripped off! be honest with the florist you meet with, and expect honesty out of them too, if $200 for a posy of ten roses seems too much, then it is!
Check out some of these pics, believe it or not their weddings were not over priced, just well planned so they could spend money on flowers and create something truly beautiful!

Not just Flowers

I have so many Brides tell me that "I am not a huge flower person" that's okay you don't need to be! however instead of going without anything in your hands, because trust me as you're walking down the aisle you will want something to hang onto; consider your other options! feathers, paper flowers and gorgeous brooches.
Friends of mine Hannah and Cameron got married at the end of last year, some of these pics are of their wedding which looks like at absolute blast as they went with a vintage country theme. Hannah carried a lovely brooch bouquet and her maids had lovely fans!

The rest are more ideas for your wedding! We can make all these types of bouquets at blush floral!

Blush Floral in the Media!

Nothing is more of a compliment to me than when other industry professionals use pictures with the flowers that I have done in them in their advertising shots! 
This is from the Tropical North Queensland wedding guide that came out this weekend and we handed out at the expo! all my flowers are circled!

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Let Your Wedding Be All About You!

I loved the pictures that I saw of this wedding and just had to post them! This is a friend of mine's little brother's wedding in Tasmania. For their reception the Bride and Groom chose to have a garden party. It was full of fantastic fun details like the bride wearing gumboots, their favourite cake, and drinking from jars with their guests names on them; which of course brings me to my point.
So many people choose things for their wedding because that is what you do at a wedding! Remember that the day is all about celebrating you and your partner and the wonderful life you will have together, do what you like and party the way that you choose, the day will be most memorable this way and you will have memories instead of regrets on your special day!
for the full story check out Toni Coward's blog

Perfect Picture

When you get married a really important thing to remember is to look at the details! Make sure your setting is lovely that the photographer won't have to work over time to make your pictures look lovely and that it matches who you are as a couple.
Still to this day one of my favourite weddings was Bridget and Luke Evans. They got married at the lovely Paronella Park ( and if you haven't considered it as a wedding option you really should!

Bridget's Bouquet was of Cymbidium Orchids which is a personal favourite of mine! and a lovely touch was that each of her bridesmaids had a different parasol.