Let Your Wedding Be All About You!

I loved the pictures that I saw of this wedding and just had to post them! This is a friend of mine's little brother's wedding in Tasmania. For their reception the Bride and Groom chose to have a garden party. It was full of fantastic fun details like the bride wearing gumboots, their favourite cake, and drinking from jars with their guests names on them; which of course brings me to my point.
So many people choose things for their wedding because that is what you do at a wedding! Remember that the day is all about celebrating you and your partner and the wonderful life you will have together, do what you like and party the way that you choose, the day will be most memorable this way and you will have memories instead of regrets on your special day!
for the full story check out Toni Coward's blog http://www.tonicoward.blogspot.com/

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  1. Love all of these cute ideas! It made it look really personalised