How much is too much?

All my brides are just as important as another! doesn't matter how much you spend! but I must say our tactics  in Australia about budgeting for a wedding have alot to be desired. In the UK and US the average bride budgets 10-15% of their wedding budget on flowers, in Australia we are usually down as low as 2%.
I understand that every wedding is different with different themes, whoever slashing your flower budget is not the way to start. You hold your flowers in front of you, they are one of the first things that you will see when you get your photos back, and you will always remember them if you hate them.
Creating a really memorable look, for yourself and guests comes with a cost. I was so surprised by someone planning a wedding recently who is paying $5,000 on a 15 minute firework programme but only wants to spend $300 on her flowers (including 5 maids) and table centres, remember what will make the longest impression.
In saying this, be careful not to be ripped off! be honest with the florist you meet with, and expect honesty out of them too, if $200 for a posy of ten roses seems too much, then it is!
Check out some of these pics, believe it or not their weddings were not over priced, just well planned so they could spend money on flowers and create something truly beautiful!

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